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by Daina Wilson and Mia Pettigrew
Today we attended 2 seminar classes. There was one where we learned about the social reforms of China with a bit of history on their government. Our second seminar was about the studies of Confuscious, Loazi and Sunzi. In this seminar there were a lot of different things we learned about each one of these artists. Many of us were motivated by the beliefs of them.
We also learned about the calligraphy & paintings of Chinese language. There are 5 basic strokes to begin Chinese language. Throughout these practices, we learned about posture & breathing while understanding the study. Many of us struggled with this but we became confident in learning how to write our names in Chinese & learning our Chinese name. Every single ambassador was able to gain a stamp which certifies in Chinese that you have made a piece of art.
The last place we visited today was the Xixi National Wetlands & National Wetlands Museum. Throughout the museum there were many history lessons of how the wetlands began. The view was very beautiful and there was a microscope that showed every detail about the wetlands which was exciting. There were many paintings which showed how artists express their emotions of the wetlands. There were also many animals who live off of the wetlands.