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Wednesday July 12, 2017

My name is Noble Kemp. Today was a calm day. We learned a lot of defensive moves and attack moves to defend ourselves in a martial arts session known as Wushu. We learned the correct blocks to avoid a kick, punch and a chop. We picked up a lot of information in the Xixi Wetland Museum as well. In the museum, we learned about the different bird species, mammal species and fish species. I saw a lot of different kinds of fish today such as the koi fish, catfish and a huge salamander bigger than any salamander I’ve ever seen in my life. Today was a nice experience and ended earlier than usual because of our modified schedule so this gave us a lot of free time afterwards to enjoy ourselves and get to know one another.

My name is Anthony Williams Jr. This experience has really changed my perspective on the Chinese culture. I’ve learned a lot of things while being here. The Chinese drive differently from us, they make their food fresh and they have a very large population. They also ride bikes more than we do and also take the bus. They also eat differently from us. They eat their food family style, meaning they set all of their food on a rotating table and they all share the different dishes. Also, there aren’t a lot of birds and critters flying and crawling around everywhere. Their hotels are also different from American hotels because you have to put your key card in the wall to generate the power in the room, which conserves energy and they also serve us lunch. This Student Mission Trip has been amazing so far. I have enjoyed myself while I’ve been in Beijing and Hangzhou.

~Noble Kemp & Anthony Williams Jr.